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Wednesday Oct 28, 2020

Join this discussion with Helen McVeigh (Coordinator of the Belfast Summer School in Greek and Latin), to listen in on an oft overlooked but underrated aspect of Classics: Ancient Greek novels.

Tuesday Oct 27, 2020

Join this episode with Peterhouse College Cambridge alumni Mr O'Neill to discuss all things Horace..

Tuesday Sep 29, 2020

Champion of democracy, talented orator; listen in on our latest episode to hear of the great Demosthenes, presented with the great Dr Kerry Phelan...

Saturday Sep 12, 2020

In what is a rather unorthodox edition of The Daily Delphi, join myself and Dr Charlotte Goddard for an improvised chat on themes ranging from Renaissance Latin Literature to the toppling of the Edward Colston Statue...

Saturday Aug 29, 2020

Join this episode to listen to myself and the marvellous Dr Antony Makrinos (UCL) discuss the relationships between Western Literature's oldest author and the big screen....

Friday Aug 21, 2020

Join this episode to listen in on my discussion with Christchurch College Oxford alumni and all-round boffin, Mr S Hyams, over the biggest questions in Classics... 

Tuesday Aug 11, 2020

Heisenberg? Aristotle? Join me to find out how they’re linked in this episode. Enjoy!

Thursday Jul 30, 2020

In Episode 1, we are lucky enough to be joined by Stamford School Classics teacher Mr Gent, with whom we will share conversations with on the subject of Thermopylae, from potential historical propaganda, to its relevance to more modern times...

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